Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

It's been snowing profusely here all morning, rendering any real travel around pretty much moot. So, now that I don't really have any other excuse, I'm going to update this thing. It's been a little while.

So, this last Saturday, I went on a trip to the zoo with Joe'e Moon, a good friend of mine. Drawing animals is a pretty useful skill to have for someone in my line of work, and its always more fun to draw from the real thing. The local zoo isn't really all that local, so I am only able to get there every so often, and it's always a treat when I do.

This particular time, due to the snow, we found the zoo pretty much abandoned. There wasn't even a ticket taker at the front. We bought our ticket and just kind of walked in. I'll admit, it was a tad unnerving. I was beginning to suspect the zoo was actually closed, and by some fluke we had managed to sneak in. Then I saw a man and his son. I felt better. Anyway, it was really neat to have the place more or less to ourselves.

Due to the cold, I was expecting the animals to be somewhat lethargic. On the contrary, they were all very active, which made for some great drawing. One in particular comes to mind, a very show off-y otter. He swam back and forth doing barrel rolls and other tricks for a crazy long time. Punk.

Here are a few photos from the trip, as well as a couple of the resulting drawings.

Me and Joe'e

The aforementioned showoff

No, a child did not actually fall in the otter habitat.

In other news, check out this feature, written by the impossibly amazing Julie Danielson! Thanks to her for the great article!
And now, I'm off to throw snowballs at passersby.