Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Autumn Dragon

I got a bunch of new supplies to begin work on the cover for UP IN THE AIR recently. Sepia ink, which  I've never used before, and a bunch of new paint and paper and whatnot. I always love getting new bottles of ink. Every time I pick one up, I get this little tingle up my spine. It's bottled potential. Also, it's bottled dye and sediment.
 I decided to take the new materials, as well as a new technique or two, for a spin before getting to work on the cover. The first of such experiments is this piece, an unseasonably timed bit of illustration titled "The Autumn Dragon."

I expect I will include this in my upcoming exhibition. I love the way the sepia ink really connects to the color pallet, as opposed to just defining shape. It feels natural. Just for fun, here is the original sketch I did in my notebook when I first had the idea.

It's a tad unusual to have the final look so much like the sketch, the composition felt right.

In other news, I'm still working on getting an online store up and running. A lot of folks have been sending me emails and asking if prints are available. I swear it will be up and running soon. And when it is, my radiant readers, you shall be the first in the know.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some Catching Up to Do

I apologize for my hermit-like carryings-on here in internetville. In my defense, I have several good reasons for not being sociable, which I shall now share with you, my dear readers.

Firstly! I am proud to announce on here (it's already been announced elsewhere) that I will be illustrating Up in the Air by Ann Marie Meyers. It is a middle grade novel, and one that I have had a lot of fun working on thus far. The book tells the story of Melody, a young girl who's fondest dream comes true, but not without cost. The book is being published by Jolly Fish Press, and is slated to be released in July of this year. You can read more about the book here. Check back for little snippets of the illustrations that I'm working on.

Secondly! I've simultaneously been preparing for a gallery exhibition at Annex Gallery with the extremely talented Corey Egbert. The show is titled "A Story to Tell." The opening reception is scheduled for March 18th. More on that to come as the date draws near.

Thirdly! I've been working recently with doing some prints on fabric. A bunch of artists got together  to swap some printed patches that we all made. We made these patches under the theme of "Unnecessary Accessory." Here's mine;

A Monocled Fox, while cool, is not exactly necessary.
And here is the collection in it's entirety. It includes prints by Adam Larsen, Holly Hooper, Alva Nicol, James Hadley, Nicole Graham, Corey Egbert, Kim Gordon, and David Raleigh.

Lot's of exciting things going on. Now that these various projects have moved past concept phase, and are now blazing full force into final execution awesomeness, I'll be able to put some images up of the projects in progress.

Until later.