Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Story To Tell

So this update on my exhibition with Corey Egbert, "A Story To Tell," is coming super last minute. It's been a busy week. The exhibition will be opening tomorrow in the Annex Gallery, located in the foyer of the Eccles Performing Arts Center in Ephraim, Utah. We are having an opening reception at noon tomorrow. Come on out, we would love to see you. As a teaser, here is the Artist's Statement that will be posted at the entrance to the show:

Stories are a vital part of our culture. They instill within us a sense of wonder and imagination. The best stories are the honest ones, stories in which not everything is neatly explained and tied up with a nice little moral at the end. The best stories mirror life, and life is often mysterious and unexplained. The best stories leave space for the listener (or viewer) to fill in with their own imagination, to engage the story on a more personal level, and to involve themselves in the creation of the tale. As the viewer gives part of themselves to the story, the story becomes part of them.