Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Work, a workshop, and a shop

Happy December, everyone!

It's been some time. Things have been crazy here in Brooklyn for the last few months, but have finally settled for the time being. So, I thought I would take advantage of the calm to update this ole blog.

So, I finally was able to move into the new house! It's a beautiful brownstone here in Brooklyn. I've been in it for something like a month and a half now. What more new is that I finally have a work space set up. Check it out:

I've been chained the this beauty for the past few days working on a project or two of mine (keep an eye out in the future). Good things are happening from a professional standpoint and I hope to have exciting new for you all soon.

Some in-progress work
And speaking of exciting news; remember that shop I promised you I would open way back when? Well, I finally did it, and just in time for the holidays! Its through society6, which has lots of cool stuff on it. Check it out here: http://society6.com/ethanaldridge .

That's all I've got for now. I'm hanging out with my brother here in the city for the next week before flying back to Utah for the holidays. Now that things are a bit more stable, I'm going to put some serious effort into keeping this thing updated.
Stay warm!

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